Kung-Fu and Tai Chi are traditionally learned by watching and imitating a Master as she or he performs the various movements. Dr. Sun has developed a new process for training that yields faster and clearer benefits by building on the training of individual movements which are then linked together into the complete forms.  Based on the Traditional Yang Short Form (108 movements), Dr. Sun choreographed additional forms using the movements to train the individual in the flow and flexibility of Tai Chi.

Warmup (Chi-kung) Exercises start every class and open the body and mind to the flow of energy.

Basic Movements preface every stage of growth to develop physical strength, coordination and inner spirit.  By working solely on the individual movement, the player slowly trains the body to perform the movement perfectly so it can be performed perfectly in quick movements.

Progressive Forms of Tiger Style and Yang’s Tai Chi increase in difficulty which allows players to experience and demonstrate increasing levels of inner strength, command, and understanding.

Martial Applications for each basic movement are demonstrated so players may relate to the martial aspect or function of the movement.

Weapons accelerate the development of power, skill, and spirit for both Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Weapons used include straight sword, broad sword, fan, wind-fire wheels, staff/cudgel, sai, chain, etc.

Sparring and Push (Sensing) Hands trains players in the sensing and commanding of energy and understanding how basic principles underlying the movements of Kung Fu and Tai Chi can use the movement and energy to improve the performance of the art.

Ability Tests encourage intense practice, inter-player sharing, and theory-based feedback on movements, forms, and weapons use and opens players to new levels of skill and understanding.

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