Walter C. Bey a.k.a W.C. Bey was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  He began studying martial arts at the of 13 with a Judo Master.  Under his instruction he learned a Japanese Judo system.  He later began studying Shao-Lin martial arts with Master Sigu-Ho at the age of 26.  From Master Ho he learned Northern Shao-Lin Long Fist.  He continued his studies with the Senior Disciple of Sigu-Ho, Samaad Haaq of Montclair, New Jersey.   He studied Yin Fu Bagua under Dr. Xie Peiqi and currently studies Magua Bagua under Li Baohua.

Sifu W.C. Bey was instructed to seek and further his martial arts studies under the tutelage of Grand Master Dr. Steve L. Sun of the Siu Lum Martial Arts Academy in Havertown, PA.  To further his personal and educational goals he attended Robert Morris College in Pittsburg, PA.  Later on Sify Bey transferred to Trenton State College, graduating with a B.A. in Business Administration.

From 1990 to the present Sifu Bey has competed in major martial arts competitions throughout the United States.  Some of his most recent achievements include:

  • 1999 Winner of the U.S. Kuoshu International Chinese Yang Style Tai Chi Advanced division in forms.  And received silver in Tai Chi Sword.
  • 1998 N.J. Best of Champion Classic 1st Place in Weapons/Katas
  • 1998 Inducted into the United States International Kung Fu Federation Hall of Fame
  • 1997 Gold Medal at the U.S. Kuoshu International, Yang Style Division.  Bronze medal in Bagua Zhang Division.
  • Wu-Su Kung Fu Federation, Mid-Atlantic Region Gold Medal in Bagua Zhang.
  • Wong Fa-Hung all N.J. Chinese Martial Arts Championship Gold medal in Bagua Zhang
  • Henry Chou, All American Open Champion, Kung Fu Division First Place
  • 1996 Twin Towers Classic, First Place Senior's Forms Division
  • 1995 Capitol Classic Tai Chi Division First Place Tai Chi Division

Sifu Bey was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 1998, 2014, 2016 and was honored by being named a Master by Grand Master S.L. Martin in 2015.

Sifu Bey has been certified to instruct by Grand Master Dr. Steve L. Sun of the Siu Lum Martial Arts Academy in Havertown, PA.  Sifu is an instructor and Director of the Internal Styles at the Siu Lum Martial Arts Academy.  He is a traditional martial arts instructor teaching Tai-Ti-Quan, Bagua Zhang, Xinyi  Quan, Shao-Lin Quan and other open hand Forms and Weapons.  Sifu Bey teaches Chi-Kung classes such as: Butterfly Chi-Kung, Wild Goose Chi-Kung set and Lohan Patting Method of the Yin Style Bagua Zhang system


Sifu Bey's personal philosophy is:

  • Balance in one's mind, body and spirit.
  • Trusting in the art of change (Yin and Yang).
  • Practicing the scholar/warrior way of life.
  • Remembering to honor the poor, aid the weak, do harm to no one and not to covet what is not yours.



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