History of Shaolin Martial Arts

More than 1500 years ago, Bhodidharma traveled to the Shaolin Monastery in Henan Province to teach Bhuddism. He noted how unfit the monks were from sitting in meditation for hours.  This concerned him and so he meditated on the situation, looking for a solution.  While meditation he observed a snake and crane 'fighting' in front of his cave.  It occurred to that by watching how th eanimals interacted in such situations he could develop a new way to physical health for the monks. The result: exercises that became the Shaolin Martial Arts of today. Through arduous training, the monks became famous for speed, skill, and an ability to defend people.


  • Grandmaster Sun is a 10th degree black belt,
  • a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, and
  • the founder of the Siu Lum Studio.
  • Dr. Sun passed away in August of 2009.
Martial Arts Lineage
  • Grand Master Sun began training in Northern and Southern styles of Kung Fu at the age of 10 under his father, Grand Master Sun Chun.
  • Dr. Sun trained in Yang Style Tai Chi under Professor Wang Da-Sen and in Hsing - Yi under Master Kuo - Zong Chang.
  • In 1985, Dr. Sun was received as a closed-door, 31st Generation disciple at the Shaolin Temple and instructed by Abbot Su-Xi in Internal Qigong and advanced Chin-Na.
  • “Lifetime Achievement” Award (the International Martial Arts Federation),
  • Honorary Doctorates in Martial Arts and Oriental Medicine (California's International Martial Arts and Medical University),
  • “American Outstanding Lifetime Achievement” Award (International Martial Arts Federation),
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (The USA Wu Shu Kung-Fu Federation),
  • “World Karate Union Hall of Fame”,
  • World Top One Hundred Exceptional Martial Artists Gold Medal” Award
  • “Hall of Fame” and “Sifu of the Year” Awards (United International Kung Fu Federation),
  • "Martial Arts Living Legend” award (Everhart’s Nippon Kenpo Karate Do),
  • “Top Ten Outstanding Martial Arts Gold Medal” award,
  • "Most Outstanding Martial Arts Gold Medal" Award (the World Martial Arts Federation of Taipei,Taiwan),
  • "7 Golden Awards” (World Chinese Medicine and Herbs United Association), and
  • “Worlds Most Outstanding Achievement in Martial Arts Golden Award” and an Honorary Doctorate in Martial Arts (International Martial Arts University, Los Angeles, California.)
  • Featured in Kung Fu and Wu Shu Kung Fu in the U.S. and in Tai Chi & Alternative Health in Europe.
  • Over ten articles in martial art magazines such as Kung Fu, Black Belt, and Tai Chi.
  • Two Books and three DVD instruction discs on Tai Chi Wind & Fire Wheels and Advanced Tai Chi Wind and Fire Wheels.

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