Tai Chi Frequently Asked Questions

What does Tai Chi mean?
Usually translated as 'Supreme Ultimate'. We at Siu Lum prefer 'Artful Exercise Based on the Alternation of Yin and Yang'.
Who does Tai Chi and why?
Hundreds doing Tai Chi in Chinese parks is a popular image. But, millions of people in around the world do Tai Chi to:
  • Lower Stress
  • Achieve Better Balance
  • Obtain Greater Flexibility and
  • Develop Smoother Coordination
What about health problems or disabilities?
Siu Lum Tai Chi is a gentle exercise that everyone can perform and benefit from despite health conditions. Instructors take pride in helping with with 'special needs'.
What is the age range in classes?
A broad range has characterized classes from teens and 20's up to 80's & 99!. Children generally prefer Kung Fu.
Can I learn Tai Chi from videos or books?
Videos and books help but can't replace trained instructors and personalized feedback and support in a program of progressive practice.
What do you wear for Tai Chi?
Loose, unbelted clothing allowing free movement such as a sweat suit bottom and a T-shirt. For footwear, we recommend flat-bottomed, non-slip slippers or gym shoes that have not been worn outside.
A Siu Lum T shirt is provided on registering for the school.
What are your costs?
The first month of classes is free.
$25 One-time Registration Fee (with a free Siu Lum T- Shirt)
(Please note that Siu Lum does not use contracts)
$75 per month (Family discount available) .

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